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We are looking for the majority of our vendors to be makers. We give priority to work that is unique, creative and innovative – but above all handmade. It's also made by the applicant, the person who will be at the market. We don't accept applicants who send representatives to sell at the market. We are always on the look out for new and emerging vendors that are new to the craft scene. If you are a previous vendor we are looking for fresh new work.



We recognize that the maker movement has shifted. Many have outsourced production in order to keep up with a growing business. For the first time ever, we will consider designers that outsource their product in limited quantities. Production must be ethically sourced and products must still be (for the most part) handmade (some exceptions apply to pins, patches, stationery, etc). The applicant must be the designer of the products and owner of the business to be considered. 



A limited number of vendors selling pre-packaged prepared food will be accepted. Only items that do not require refrigeration or heating will be considered. You must adhere to the requirements to the City of Hamilton Public Health Services & Health Protection Division. An additional fee may apply.